mardi 15 mars 2011

A big welcome to Juan Yanes who join Elite Morocco

-Favorite things ?
I love to enjoy life second by second and not stop smiling! really enjoy my work in fashion and the truth is I am very happy as it is leaving everything. Of course delighted to join the elite morocco.

-Hobbies ?
When I'm not working I enjoy going to the movies, we also do all kinds of sports : swimming... And football, in Spain is a beautiful game!
Also I travel a lot so when I'm home take the opportunity to see friends and be quiet at home is another great hobby!

-Place you would love to visit ?
Would be great to go to New York, India, Greece and Morocco! Great Places where I would love to be.

-Favorite modeling experience ?
I've had great experiences from working with Eva Longoria, visited many countries for my work. I'm with people I know and  they are very professional.

-Something about Morocco?
I want to be soon in Morocco, I have always loved the desert, the festival of Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca ... There are lots of things know and that i want to discover.